Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vote for me!

If you love me, or even like me, or if you don't hate me, then please go to and vote for my cake. Mine is the one that is "smoking hot" <---major hint.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Back To School, Back To School,

To prove to my dad that I'm no fool.

The children went back to school today. I have been looking forward to this moment since June 5th, 2009! But then, all of a sudden, I got really depressed last night. I was super anxious and couldn't sleep. I was a bundle of nerves and didn't want them going to school. I almost called them in. Instead, I took a deep breath, washed my face with cold water, and looked in the mirror and said, "You can do this!" I got them all off to school (except Wini cuz she is too tiny). As soon as I left school I felt much better. Outa sight, outa mind, right? And by the time I met up with Amy and mom for lunch, I was positively giddy about the whole situation. What in the world am I gonna do Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.? I guess you will be seeing a lot more of me in and on facebook. My farm is gonna be awesome!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Teddy drew this picture on Wini's arm. It is suppose to look like an anchor, like Popeye's. I am not sure. I think I see something different. What do YOU see?Do you think I should wash it off or take her to the grocery store with it on their?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eat Teddy, Eat. No one likes a skinny Teddy.

I was stalking random people on Facebook this morning (cuz I am creepy like that) and looking at their pictures. I stumbled upon a lady who's kid plays football on Teddy's team and she had a photo album titled "Tristan's Football Practice". I was so excited since I haven't seen any practices. Morgan is the Head Coach (that's right, the HEAD coach!) so I don't have to take him to practice. The pictures were disturbing... Warning, this is not for the faint of heart. Teddy is the white haired boy wearing the white and blue shirt, in the middle.

What's that? You don't get what the big deal is? I thought so. It takes a very observant and paranoid person to see it. I zoomed in for you...

Look at the boy in the red shirt's leg and compare it to Teddy's. Uhhhh...... What are they feeding him???? Is he only six???? Do they make larger size socks??? Is his last name O'Doul???? I don't think this is safe. Who is going to want to pull off THAT kid's flag? My kid will be targeted for sure! I bet the other coaches are already telling their teams to go after the fragile one. EEEK!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We're Country

The other night I walked into the house late at night and was startled to see Wini still up, in her clothes sitting on the bathroom floor. Upon closer look, I see it is not her but her boots and pants, still inflated, in the sitting position on the bathrrom floor.

Her boots are still inside her pants, which means that it was all one move. That is so red neck!!! Where does she get this from?!?!?! Oh wait........

Okay, make sense now.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Public Apology........

okay..........first of all.......... i need to say something to listen up.......... i don't apologize often..........because i am NEVER wrong AND i never doing anything bad..........but i have to tell you something.....because i have something to say.........and that is .........i am sorry.

a public apology to EVERYONE who reads my blog.
i am sorry
i am sorry........that i have not been blogging. i know you are all obsessed with my blog......and i can't blame you........and i haven't been blogging....which is not fair to my loyal i am sorry........i am sorry i have been absent......i am absent......i will no longer be absent......because i am a fighter........i can't keep going........because i am absent....sorry to all.
i will start blogging maybe next week.........

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I May Be Getting A Divorce......(Just Kidding)

Morgan and I are in the middle of moving. Don't worry, as I am taking care of 5 kids, packing up the house, dejunking, cleaning, etc., etc., he is taking care of looking up motorcycles on Craigslist, going #2, and making sure the couch doesn't get cold. All is well......

P.S. Morgan, in case you find this blog, I am totally kidding. Ha ha.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Twilight Verses Evermore: Battle of the Hunks

So I like this blog better than mine. It is cuter.

Warning: This post has VERY MILD spoilers for the books Twilight, The Mortal Instruments, Marked, and Evermore.

Well, like most girls out there, I love Twilight. I love Edward and I used to love Jacob until he imprinted on a new born baby then he was just alright. I remember the first time we were introduced. It was in the cafeteria at Forks High School. Ahhhhh, the good old days......
Now I have read the books several times (except Breaking Dawn because that one sucked) and have watched the movie 12 or 13 times and am ready for my next adventure.

So I read the Mortal Instruments. I started reading them at the beginning of May and my life got so crazy, it took my almost 2 months to finish the three books. And I liked them. I liked Jace but then he imprinted as my brother and it kind of ruined it. No offense Tom but nasty. That is something you shouldn't even joke about. Why did they keep kissing???!!!! If I was attracted to my brother (which I am totally not) I would stay away! So by the end of the third book you find out that they are not brother and sister but still grossed out by them because they were still frenching when they thought they were. Good book, though. I recommend it.

Now I need to get my mind into a juicy vampire book. I bought the book Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast....I think. It is not worth running upstairs to find out if that is right or not. I made it about a third of the way through the book before I was so grossed out and annoyed. It was like a trashy mom and a slutty daughter got together and wrote and a stupid immature book. If anyone wants by copy, you can have it.

Fortunately, when I bought Marked, I also bought a back up book.

What??? A trilogy?? The cover looks vaguely familiar.....Hmmmmmm. A girl named Ever who is new in school and doesn't fit in, who falls in love with the mysterious hot guy in school and he strangely is in love with her even though she has a low self esteem. Have I read this before? So I read it.....or did I re-read it? I think someone ripped off Twilight. Bravo Alyson Noel! Since we can't keep reading Twilight over and over without our husbands divorcing us, lets just redo it and call it Evermore. They will never know.

A bloodsucking Vampire

About 108 years old -ish

Super hot

His skin is pale white and ice cold

Sometimes speaks as though he
is from a difference time

He is in love with a whiner

Come closer Bella, stay away from
me Bella, wait come back, maybe we
shouldn't be friends, your like my own
personal brand of heroine....

A red headed villan named Victoria

A 100 year old virgin

Super rich

Doesn't sleep

Rescues damsels in distress

Better than Morgan

A bloodsucking (but only when needing to suck
out poison) immortal. There is a diiference.

600 years old (totally one upped Ed)

Super hot

He is tan, dark haired and warm

Sometimes speaks as though he is from a different

He is in love with a whiner

May I borrow your book Ever, Lets eat lunch
together, I am coming over to your house,
nevermind, Here are some red tulips, here are
white roses for Stacia.....

A red headed villan named Drina

A 600 year old man whore

Super rich

Doesn't sleep

Recues damsels in distress

Better than Morgan (he never comes to this blog so it is okay)

So as you can clearly see, there are some strong similarities between them and where they are not the same, they are polar opposites. It is almost like the author is trying really hard to prove that they are different characters. "No no, he is not like Edward at all. My guy is a player who has been whoring around for centuries."

Now for the girls.


Edward can't read her mind

Insecure and annoying

Totally doesn't deserve her vamp.

Left her mom to live with her estranged

Was sleep stalked by Edward

Super clumsy


She can read other People's minds

Insecure and an emo

Totally doesn't deserve her immortal

Parents dies and went to live with aunt

Was sleep stalked by Drina

She sees dead people

See the simularities??? It is uncanny! I won't even get into how much Victoria and Drina have in common. Also Bella's friends were just as annoying and immature as Ever's. So now for the bad news. The book had the "F" word in it 3 times by that trashy skank Stacia! So unfortunately that makes it impossible for me to recommend it to others. If the "F" word can only be said twice in a movie in order to be PG-13, then this book would be rated R. Good thing I watch rated R movies. I bought the second book. So me and my Edward copy-cat are going to enjoy our evening tonight while I read Book 2, Blue Moon (not to be confused with New Moon by Stephanie Meyers).

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I think these definitely need to be on here....

Man! We are hot!

Does anyone still check out this blog?

I was just checking to see if anyone comes here anymore. If you do, leave a comment.